Working Rooms Versus Living Rooms

Before passing to the other rooms of the house, we will pause to

consider a more purely utilitarian group.

The Kitchen.--These rooms which are strictly utilitarian, more

or less escape decorative control. The kitchen, aside from the elements

of proportion in arrangement of its furnishings, is not properly a room

for decoration. A cheerful color, plenty of light--a practical

essential--and practical arrang
ment of its furniture and equipment

are of more importance than the decorative element. Neatness, color

harmony and a restful eye effect should be obtained. This applies as

well to the butler's pantry. Pantry and kitchen should always be shut

off from the dining room, so that the latter's decorative values are

not affected by them.

The Bathroom.--Tiled or hardwood flooring, painted or glazed

washable walls, sanitary plumbing, glass shelves, washable cotton rugs

and bath mats, all the modern conveniences in keeping with the purposes

of the room, thrust the decorative element into the background. The

curtains must be simple and quite easily washed.

The Home Sewing Room.--The home sewing room, too, may be viewed

decoratively as well as practically. A sunny room with western

exposure, kalsomined in pale warm gray, the floor covered with cream-

colored matting, windows fitted with white Holland shades--a

combination restful to the eye--and furnished with hard-wood framed,

cane-bottomed chairs.